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Las Terrenas is the right place when it comes to owning a house in a beach town in the Caribbean. Cheap real estate and pristine beaches. Many come for vacation, come back, and never leave because they found the perfect villa. Why not buy your next house in the North coast of the Dominican Republic, in the beautiful expat town of Las Terrenas. It may be just what you’re looking for!

There are many options here to buy your dream house. Buy a mansion on top of a hill overviewing the ocean, invest in a beachfront villa, or a house just minutes from the beach where you can enjoy the beach side of life. We list many properties for sale including houses, villas and superb mansions in the North East coast of the Dominican Republic. Discover below our listing of the houses for sale in Las Terrenas and finally buy your new property in the Caribbean!

Listing of Houses for Sale

Houses < $250K

Discover our houses & villas for sale below 250,000 USD.

Houses < $350K

Discover our listing of our houses & villas for sale below 350,000 USD.

Houses 350 to 450K

Discover houses & villas for sale from 250,000 to 350,000 USD.

Houses 450 to 750K

Houses & villas for sale from 450,000 to 750,000 USD.

Houses 750 to 1M

Houses & villas for sale from 750,000 to 1,000,000 USD.

Houses Over 1M

Find the houses & villas for sale over 1,000,000 USD.

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We offer many houses for sale in Las Terrenas. Whether it is a 2-bedroom villa in a gated community with all the amenities, a small house conveniently located near the center of the village or or a big and luxurious mansion right in front of the beach, we will find the right one for you! If you are interested to buy a house, villa or mansion in Las Terrenas, just let us know what you are looking for by filling the form below…

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