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Looking to sell your home in Las Terrenas? This life-changing event requires the best attention. Atlantique Sud’s experts will help you put your home on the market at the right price, show it in the best condition to bring offers to your satisfaction, and sell your home quickly. Get expertise at every step. From setting the right list price to closing, you’ll be supported by local industry experts.


In Las Terrenas, the real estate market is very subjective and lacks a cohesive structure. Often, we find that similar properties are advertised at rather different prices for no apparent reason. As your real estate partner, we are responsible to help price correctly your home.

On top of considering the characteristics of your property, we can also give you access to our database to compare your price against the market in the same area.

Our experienced agents can help you with all of the above, if you want you can request a free home evaluation.


Buyers looking at Las Terrenas are often purchasing properties as their secondary residence. They will prefer something turnkey, easy to rent, so they can

Dealing with that type of client requires a specific set of skills, infrastructures, and methods to their dream into a sale. It’s also about the entire buying experience, from the first contact to the signature, that this person will live with us. Our local knowledge of the current condition of the market, the supply of homes for sale, allows us to direct the right client toward your property.


Today's market is all about online presence, so naturally, it all starts with a website that showcases your property where it will be noticed. Atlantique Sud invests both time and money into its marketing strategy to make certain your home has a strong presence. Our user-friendly website is constantly updated and offers extensive and useful information for buyers bringing thousands of visitors every month.


Before you sign the listing mandate, you need to decide which selling strategy is going to get the job done for you. Either you feel confident enough with the selling process that you just need our help to bring you a buyer. We list your property, organize and do viewings and present you with interested buyers. In case, the buyer purchases your property, standard rates apply. Our commission Rates:

  • Homes < US$100,000 - 8%

  • Homes < US$250,000 - 7%

  • Homes < US$500,000 - 6%

  • Homes > US$500,000 - 5%

Our premium agreement includes an additional 2% fee which includes our marketing pack (Professional photos, “Featured" Listing” on the first page of the website, “Listed“ in the Newsletter) AND guidance during the entire closing process.

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