Who We Are

Who We Are

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“Organized, informative and professional”

We worked with Rodrigo and had a very positive experience. All of his work is organized, informative, and professional. Always punctual, in future purchases, we would love to work with him again!

1 month ago
“100% recommended”

The experience with Atlantique Sud was excellent. Always attentive and willing to answer any questions. Very personalized and professional service. He helped make the process quick and satisfying. 100% recommended.

4 months ago
“An educated desicion”

I had a fantastic experience with Atlantique Sud. I was able to buy my dream beachfront property with their help and guidance. It’s a little scary to purchase property in another country. This team made the process as simple as it could be. They connected me with honest and reliable attorneys, introduced me to other people in similar circumstances. They were there to help even after all the papers were signed. I feel like I have new friends in Las Terrenas not just a real estate agent who sold me the property. 

6 months ago
“A personalized treatment”

Overall excellent experience, the treatment is personalized. I recommend Yenifer to everyone who wishes to have a quality and refreshing vacation

7 months ago
“Viewings with Veronica”

Veronica is an excellent counselor, she received us with a beautiful smile, she listened to us and knew how to advise us, we will surely be able to fulfill our project!!! I recommend your advice. 😊

7 months ago
“Attention to details”

Excellent attention from the Atlantique Sud team and especially Rodrigo, whom I recommend for his trust, respect and kindness. We are delighted with Las Terrenas. Many thanks!

7 months ago
“Still looking to buy”

We have not yet bought our property because we are still looking, but we had a great experience with Marvin at Atlantique Sud in the process of looking at properties. Marvin really took his time and explained a lot about the city, the new and planned developments, and gave us a detailed look at how the buying process will work.

8 months ago
“Amazing Experience”

Amazing experience. Great group of people doing maximum to find you or help you buy your dream property. I was hoping for a professional approach, but they surprised me completely in a positive way. That dedication, professionalism, kindness, friendly attitude and behaviour is what clients look for. Here you can get it all in one. Every single agent is great. Thank you for everything.

7 months ago
“Bought a house”

Bought a house through Atlantique Sud. Very satisfying experience. All employees we met were soo kind and also very professional. Best place to go if you look for real estate in Las Terrenas.

9 months ago

Our Mission

Our mission is based around 4 key pillars; our buyers, sellers, staff and the real estate industry itself.
Atlantique Sud's is helping buyers make educated purchases by providing the most convenient tools as well as a quick and personalized assistance during the entire purchase journey.
Atlantique Sud is leveraging market data and its local expertise to help sellers find the optimal conditions to sell their home
within their particular requirements.
Atlantique Sud's is equipping its staff with industry-leading technologies and constant training so they can efficiently provide dedicated support to each of our partners.
Atlantique Sud's is striving to raise industry standards, making the local market more transparent and efficient place for everyone.

The Agency

Everyday, Atlantique Sud stands at the center of multiple real estate transactions representing parties with opposing interests. This responsibility bares a heavy weight, one that we take very seriously. We believe that active listening is key to understand everyones needs, local expertise is required to guide you through the complexities of our real estate market, always keeping a clear and transparent communication to avoid unpleasant surprises.
We are constantly striving to provide an exceptional real estate experience to both clients and sellers. Involving ourselves in unique developments that are bringing value to our partners, and delivering a positive social impact. We work exclusively with the most reliable partners, the ones who consistently respect their engagements and are inherently good people, even in the worst situations.
Today, our team is made of young a motivated professionals sharing the same core values driving our services to you. Our job is much more than just selling properties and getting a commission, and I'm sure you will realize it soon enough.
Happy journey to all of you,

Our Team

Rental Assistant
Maribi is helping our property owners and their guests having the best and smoothest experience in Las Terrenas while staying in our properties. She is here to help you.
Sales Assistant
Victor is helping buyers and sellers quickly get the right assistance. She is also making sure that our agency and agents are always ready to efficiently support you.
Marketing Manager
Rushanna is in charge of implementing the marketing part of our business educating all partners, and increasing brand recognition locally and internationally. 
Assistant Manager
Maricela is our Assistant Manager. She’s from Las Terrenas and has always been looking for everyone around her. Here, she is responsible for sales related matters.
Sales Agent
Yenifer is always on the positive side of things. She is responsible for the happiness of our clients before, during, and after their stay. She will be there for you.
Sales Agent
Veronica is striving to become the best real estate agent in Las Terrenas. She is listening to her clients, colleagues, and friends to improve her ability to help you find your dream home.
Sales Agent
Every day, Rodrigo is working on creating a healthy environment with everyone, by improving his relationship with clients through a deep understanding of their needs.
Yeison Peña
Yeison Peña
Sales Agent
Yeison is very motivated. He will move move earth and heaven to help you find your dream home in Las Terrenas. You can count on him, he knows the ways of this island.
Marvin d'orfani
Marvin d'orfani
Sales Manager
Marvin is the managing partner of the agency. He has been passionate about real estate for many years and makes sure that we secure the best properties for sale, work with the best partners and offer the best services to our clients.
Pascal started Atlantique Sud in 2000. With plenty of experience and key connections in the local real estate industry, he ensures that every investment made by our agency and our clients is the best one.
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Tailored Services

Dears Buyers,

We know there are plenty of destinations within the DR, and plenty of agencies in Las Terrenas, and let's not talk about the listings... In which area or community to buy? Which lawyer is reliable to work with? Where to open a bank account, etc.

As local experts, our mission is to make it easy for you to declutter so that you can move forward in your home-buying journey at ease and with a clear mind to make the best decision when the time comes.

Our commitment starts by providing a thorough website full with up-to-date and detailed listings. Here, you will also find an extensive knowledge base, detailed market data, in-depth guides about Las Terrenas, videos with clients or describing Las Terrenas different areas and more...

Dear Sellers,

When you decide to work with a real estate agent from Atlantique Sud, you decide to work with a professional who will help you navigate the stressful process of selling your home.

Our agents will support you at every step, from prepping and listing your home to marketing that gets buyers in the door. You will get access to local market expertise, get help negotiating and reviewing offers, and more. Interview agents and select a  who will meet your expectations.