Sienna: The Future of Authentic Living in Las Terrenas

Sienna: The Future of Authentic Living in Las Terrenas by RealeStateLasterRenas
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Atlantique Sud Development

Atlantique Sud is thrilled to unveil the rebirth of our development venture, now aptly named "ASD". Having left an indelible mark with the successful project of Los Nomadas—50 beachfront villas gracing the shores of Playa Coson. We are reinvigorated and ready to embark on a new chapter in redefining the real estate landscape across the Las Terrenas region.
The time is now for the revival of our meticulously planned journey, a testament to our unwavering commitment to shaping Las Terrenas' evolving horizon. With two decades of expertise navigating the intricate tapestry of Dominican real estate, we find ourselves at the forefront of a new era, offering compelling reasons to leap back into land development in Las Terrenas.
In the past two years, the real estate market has witnessed a surge in prices, making this moment ripe for our return. ASD takes pride in presenting prices that stand 30% below the current market rates—a unique opportunity for investors seeking value in every square meter. But it's not just about prices. It's about scale. In a landscape where the opportunity to own larger pieces of land is a rarity, our projects redefine the norm by providing lands that are 30% to 200% bigger than the average residential lot. ASD believes in offering not just a property but an expansive canvas for dreams to unfold.
Considering the rising costs of living, with escalating expenses in energy and food, ASD's projects are designed with self-sufficiency in mind. Our commitment extends beyond the development of properties; it encompasses the creation of sustainable and eco-friendly communities where residents can enjoy a cost-effective, self-sufficient lifestyle.
In a world often disconnected from nature and community, ASD stands as a beacon of integration. Our core values are rooted in harmonizing the natural and communal dimensions into every aspect of our projects. With ASD, it's not just about buying into real estate; it's about investing in a lifestyle that seamlessly merges with the rhythms of nature and fosters a sense of community. Welcome to the renewed essence of Atlantique Sud Development—where excellence meets opportunity, and every project tells a story of innovation, affordability, and sustainable living.
Are you interested in reading more about sustainability? Read our Blog article about it right here!
Real estate development Las Terrenas

Economic Dynamics Driving Development

As the Dominican Republic paves the way for stability and growth, Las Terrenas emerges as a strategic epicenter for pioneering projects, poised for groundbreaking advancements. The nation's record-breaking tourist arrivals in the first quarter of 2023 act as a catalyst, propelling a tourism boom that reshapes the economic landscape, fueling a surge in demand for a diverse range of real estate offerings.
This surge, coupled with sustained economic growth, establishes Las Terrenas as an appealing destination for real estate ventures, capitalizing on its affordability compared to other Caribbean counterparts.
The Dominican government's proactive implementation of incentives, such as tax breaks, residency programs, and streamlined property acquisition processes, amplifies the momentum for development. Get more information about it!
Further enhancing the landscape is the investor-friendly policy, enabling foreigners to own property outright, thus removing significant restrictions and making Las Terrenas an open playground for both local and international investors eager to leverage the region's booming real estate market.
Noteworthy enhancements, such as increased access through new international flight routes at El Catey International Airport in Samana and the presence of international schools like The Isla Academy by Playa Bonita, contribute to the positive trajectory of Las Terrenas.
With its perpetual warmth and natural beauty, the town becomes an ideal sanctuary for those seeking an escape from the ordinary, boasting year-round sunshine, pristine beaches, and lush landscapes—a perfect choice for second homes or vacation rentals.
This beach town, rapidly growing with a population of more than 50,000, is evolving into a comprehensive destination for tourists, businesses, and investors alike, reflecting a promising future for Las Terrenas.
Sustainable Development Dominican Republic

Balancing Progress and Preservation

At Atlantique Sud Development, our approach transcends conventional construction practices; it embodies a dedicated commitment to harmonious coexistence with the land. Recognizing the significance of meaningful partnerships, we actively engage with local communities and stakeholders, exemplified through our foundation, "La Fabrica Del Suenos." This foundation is our concrete manifestation of the human side of our commitment. "La Fabrica Del Suenos" is established to support the well-being and advancement of Las Terrenas and its population. Through this initiative, we create a free learning space for young individuals with limited resources, ensuring education becomes an accessible gateway to a brighter future.
In our pursuit of responsible and sustainable development, we prioritize the preservation and elevation of Las Terrenas' natural beauty and cultural richness. As we embark on this transformative journey, our goal is to craft spaces that seamlessly integrate into the region's fabric, nurturing a sense of community and connection.
Embracing the latest innovations, our projects at Atlantique Sud Development will be at the forefront of sustainability. We are committed to incorporating renewable energy, energy-efficient technologies, advanced waste management systems, and sustainable architecture. These elements are not just features but integral components, ensuring our developments align with the principles of environmental responsibility and long-term resilience.
Las Terrenas, distinct in its way of life, offers a refreshing departure from highly developed tourist regions like Punta Cana. ASD not only embraces this uniqueness but envisions developments that redefine the real estate landscape while positively contributing to the essence of Las Terrenas itself.
Looking ahead, we envision the future of Las Terrenas' touristic development as a hub for green activities that utilize its lush green spaces. Drawing inspiration from eco-tourism leaders like Costa Rica, we foresee initiatives such as permaculture taking root, aligning with the Dominican Republic's commitment to sustainable tourism practices. Our vision encompasses a future where Las Terrenas becomes a beacon for eco-friendly activities, creating a harmonious balance between tourism and the preservation of its natural treasures.


Authentic Living by Sienna

Nestled into the hillsides of El Jamito, Samaná, within a sprawling community spanning 290,000 m². This vibrant community offers space for 72 lots and villas, each boasting a breathtaking 90% ocean view. Infused with cultural richness, Sienna draws inspiration from Taíno artwork, interior design, and architecture.
It's not just about homes; it's about an immersive experience that includes traditional cuisine, cultural events, musical performances, and festivals. Sienna is seamlessly integrated with nature, employing sustainable, eco-friendly construction techniques and energy-efficient systems for minimal environmental impact, promoting harmony with nature and fostering self-sufficiency.
Beyond its physical attributes, Sienna embodies inclusivity—a community designed with communal spaces that encourage social gatherings and cultural exchanges, creating a vibrant, diverse, and welcoming atmosphere for all residents.
New Project Las Terrenas

Sienna's Real Estate Offer

Unlock the door to your dream property at Sienna, where the starting price for a 1,000 SQM lot is a remarkable $64,000—a quarter of an acre of pristine land. For those envisioning larger spaces, our expansive lots begin at $200,000 for a generous 4,000 SQM, equivalent to an acre of untouched paradise. Remarkably, an astounding 90% of these lots boast breathtaking ocean views, ensuring a daily spectacle of nature's grandeur.
In a mid-2023 comparative study encompassing 214 lots across 8 residential communities (averaging 1,500 SQM), the market price stands at $155,333 USD or $78/SQM. Sienna, however, stands out as a beacon of affordability, with lots ranging from 22% to 48% more budget-friendly than the market average. This unique offering positions Sienna as a prime investment opportunity for those seeking value without compromise.
While the project is set to commence in 2024, the anticipation is building, and you can secure your piece of paradise now. Reserve your lot with a fully refundable deposit until the first payment, and explore the complete list and prices of available lots and villas through our inquiry form. For savvy investors eyeing small or medium real estate projects, an exclusive opportunity awaits.
Link to listing for larger investor for purchasing one or more zones, spanning from 50,000 to 80,000 SQM or 12 to 20 Acres.
New architecture Las Terrenas

Atlantique Sud Development Services

This branch specializes in new construction and renovations of residential properties.
=> Our team is taking care of every aspect of projects including; making real estate projects a reality, offering construction & engineering overseeing, consulting, and overseeing external teams, as well as supporting clients with the necessary administrative duties such as permits, utilities, invoices, budget, spending, etc.
Join us on this exciting journey!
Keen to discover more?
If you would like to discuss investor opportunities we have available with Project Sienna, or any of the ASD development services then get in touch with our team on +1 (829) 324-6035
We will be hosting a special event to launch Project Sienna with our local partners and investors in Las Terrenas on the eve of Nov 22nd, for registration contact our sales manger Maricela on +1 (829) 566-0492
Building project Las Terrenas

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