Our top 8 beaches in Las Terrenas

Our top 8 beaches in Las Terrenas by RealeStateLasterRenas
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For those who love to experience culture and natural beauty in the world around them, life at the beach in Las Terrenas is an exceptional way to do so. It seems as if time stands still, and you are truly able to the capture the essence of natural beauty this hidden gem has to offer. Las Terrenas is a heaven on earth, and a paradise of the Dominican Republic. It is only 2 hours driving from Santo-Domingo, on the Northeastern part of the country, the Samana peninsula known for being a wonder of nature.

The town is bordered by multiple beaches of white and cream sands, and crystalline turquoise waters that are warm all year round. Containing mountains full of coconut trees and lush green forests. This combination of natural beauties defines Las Terrenas as a jewel of the Caribbean, where every beach is unique. Some more lively, and some the perfect way to disconnect from the world. Though you won't feel far away from civilization, as you are always close to the town.





A forest and the mountains start off this white sandy beach. In just a short walk on the beach, you find a river that flows into the ocean. If you walk up this river, you will be totally surrounded by nature in a small lagoon. Freedom sensations guaranteed! When the water is calm and the sun is out, you will feel as if you are a part of the movie "The Beach". To get to this unique paradise you can take a boat, or walk 4 hours in the mountains, as the principal road is only 15 minutes from the town. Check out the excursions by boat to Playa Jackson.





Coson beach is a long white fine, sandy beach, lined with rows and rows of palm trees. It is quiet, clean and the water sines clear turquoise. It is a perfect beach for children to play. The luscious green hill scenery surrounding the beach is truly picturesque, making this a romantic beach spot. It is 5 km from the village, and you can access it by car or walking along the beach of playa Bonita. Discover the properties for sale in Playa Cosón.





Right after Coson beach, there is an marvellous small beach that faces the mountains. At sunset, the views are especially spectacular. The water is very calm and the wind does not come here. Only a few people normally on this beach, which makes it a private spot for the ladies who prefer to tan topless. Take your diving mask with you! It is a great way to really enjoy nature, in this little piece of paradise. Discover the properties for sale in Playa Perdida.





Declared the most beautiful beach of the world by LIO, Playa Bonita is a piece of paradise with its many different characteristics. The western part has waters as still as a pool. The eastern part where the hotels are, has more active waters, which are ideal for surfing. The coconut trees provide shade on the shore for those who want to enjoy the views and gentle breezes. There is also a river that connects to the beach, making it a unique trait of this beach. A part of the beach is home to some of the most charming beach properties of Las Terrenas. It is located to the west of the town, only 8 minutes by car. Discover the properties for sale in Playa Bonita.

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Playa Las Ballenas is a beautiful, grand and clean beach. Fantastic for familes! It starts right after the famous fisherman village, where you find many fine restaurants and ends with an enchanting river. The original name of this area beach is “Maricó” because of the little river at the end of the beach. Locals and visitors started calling “Las Ballenas” as there are some Rocks keys visible front the shorts that resemble this Sea Mammals. In Las Ballenas, the tide of water goes from low on the morning to medium on the afternoons.

With very little waves, Las Ballenas is safe for kids to swim and play on the beach. It is also a perfect area to snorkel. Our favourite spot to snorkel is at the end of Las Ballenas, on the left looking at the ocean, you'll find plenty of beautiful corals and tropical fishes. There, there is a little sailing school where you can rent sailboats and kayaks to discover the surrounding beaches and create your own mini adventure.

The street along the beach of Las Ballenas is a dead end, only people living, visiting or working there are driving which makes it very quiet. Another reason why Las Ballenas is cherished by expatriates who've been living here for many years, is its direct access to the town of Las Terrenas. Other beaches like playa Popy also offer the same convenience.

Perhaps its most distinctive trait is the many bars and restaurants spread along the beach, where food and drinks can be enjoyed feet in the sand. It is also one of the largest beaches of Las Terrenas, offering plenty of space for long chairs to lay comfortably or even play a beach volley game with friends. Discover the properties for sale in Playa Las Ballenas.





Playa Popy is located in the extension of the village beach. It is a popular beach. The Terreneros, expats and long term holidays makers gather on this well kept beach. There is also a beautiful new hostel called “Afreeka Beach Hostel” right by the front the entrance, containing restaurants and bars. Punta Popy is the large stretch of Playa Popy, it has gentle waves, a wide beach with lots of shade and many locals meet there to enjoy their weekends. You can rent chairs and enjoy many food and beverages choices from the locals. It is only a 15 minute walk from the center of Las Terrenas. Discover the properties for sale in Playa Popy.






Playa el Portillo is located on the road to El Limon. It is a perfect spot for those who love to kite-surf. When the wind comes up, you can watch the ballet of kite surfers, or take lessons with Kite-world school. The sand is like gold and on the suns reflection, it looks like a glistening pot of treasure. The water is clean and peaceful, and the mountains surrounding it makes it a scenic spot. Discover the properties for sale in Playa El Portillo.





The beach at Esperanza is absolutely goergous. It is a long curve, soft white sands, with bushes mangroves which makes it very unique. There is no back road, making it very quiet. Daily maintenance and security, also keep this a secure beach spot. The ocean is calm, and you can walk into the water for long distances. Take your camera along with you, because manatees and turtles like to swim near by! Discover the properties for sale in Playa El Anclon.

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