Exploring Punta Popy, a central and very lively beachfront area

Exploring Punta Popy, a central and very lively beachfront area by RealeStateLasterRenas
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In this seventh episode of AS Films, we invite you to meet Playa Punta Popy, a beautiful beach and residential area located East of Las Terrenas, our gorgeous beach town in the province of Samana, North of the Dominican Republic. Popular with tourists for its strategic location steps away from the touristic center, many restaurants, and bars, this vast and sandy beach is perfect for people of all ages. Check out this video put together by our production team and enjoy!

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Video of Punta Popy

AS Films: To educate buyers to make the best decision when purchasing real estate in Las Terrenas, the Atlantique Sud Production team is publishing a series of short videos about Las Terrenas describing its lifestyle and real estate market. We will explore together the different areas, interview our clients about their home-buying journey, and much more. You can watch the entire playlist on youtube.


It is named after a beach whose surface forms a perfect point. It is one of the most popular beaches among locals. Its pleasant atmosphere, excellent tourist treatment, and, above all, the area's natural beauty make it worthwhile to visit.

The water at Punta Popy is mostly calm with moderate-strength waves and wind, ideal for beginner kitesurfers. The beach is rather narrow, closer to the shore it is covered with snow-white soft sand, and just a few meters from the water there are shady labyrinths of tall palm trees and tropical trees. The water is crystal clear, the bottom is sandy with a smooth approach, and occasionally there are single algae and branches from the trees.

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It is the most popular beach among Las Terrenas residents. A small coral reef protects the area, making the water shallow and ideal for families with children. Just 2 minutes from town and is well-known not only for its proximity but also for the amount of space it provides. The music and the pleasant and fun atmosphere that develops in the area where activities and concerts are held make it an ideal place to spend the day with friends, enjoying some refreshing drinks and a seafood meal in the bars and restaurants located along the beach's shore. On the beach itself, there are numerous residential complexes, apart-hotels, hotels, villas, and bungalows.



In Punta Popy you can do kitesurfing, surfing, snorkeling, and paddle boarding. For these sports, equipment rental centers and schools provide training courses near the beach. Kiteworld LT offers instruction service and equipment rental for kitesurfing. Here is full information on all of the activities you can do in Punta Popy

People often come to Punta Popy to enjoy the beautiful sunset and views of the bright blue ocean. The infrastructure of the beach is developing rapidly, but there are not enough amenities on it yet. Along the beach, there are modest restaurants and colorful bars that offer fresh seafood and cooling drinks.

Besides, a new Las Terrenas sign was opened in 2021, depicting symbols of life in this spectacular little piece of paradise as colorful letters with the ocean in the background. You will often see tourists taking pictures here, especially with a beautiful sunset in the background.

Punta Popy is also home to several amazing residential projects, check out beachfront condos available in AligioAlbachiaraAmar'e residences


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