Client interview: Why did Steven buy a condo in Las Terrenas?

Client interview: Why did Steven buy a condo in Las Terrenas? by RealeStateLasterRenas
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In this first episode, our client Steven is sharing with you his buying-journey to find the perfect Caribbean shelter in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.

  • What convinced him this was the right place? 

  • What features was he looking for in a home?

  • How was his real state experience?


AS Films: In an effort to educate buyers to make the best decision when purchasing real estate in Las Terrenas, the Atlantique Sud Production team is publishing a series of short videos about Las Terrenas describing its lifestyle and real estate market. We will explore together the different areas, interview our clients about their home-buying journey, and much more. You can watch the entire playlist on youtube.


Interview Transcript

  • Can you introduce yourself?
    Steven: Sure, my name is Steven, I come from the United States, actually I come from Pennsylvania. What, and I just bought a place here in the Dominican Republic.


  • Why did you invest in Las Terrenas and not elsewhere?
    Steven: During the last six or seven months my wife and I would be looking at different islands in the Caribbean, from home of course due to the Coronavirus, after a lot of research I thought that the Dominican Republic, especially this part of the Dominican Republic, Samana, and Las Terrenas in particular, reminded me a lot of Hawaii, and I kind of fell in love with the Cosón.


  • How long did it take to find your new home?
    Steven: Well, we came down in July, and after meeting with Marvin and Elizabeth and seeing many properties, and spending about 10 days, eventually the last day we found this place, and we fell in love with it, my wife and I and my daughter just fell in love with Cosón beach.


  • What convinced you this was the right place?
    Steven:  We were originally staying at a place, Playa Bonita, and we would take walk up to Cosón beach, and after many walks along the beach it just felt like the right place for us, and I am retired, and this is what I was looking for.


  • What were you looking for?
    Steven: I was looking for a place where I could escape the winter, and it was easy to get to, and from Pennsylvania, it really only takes about six hours from where I live to get to the Dominican, so that was good, it had the same timezone.


  • What features did you want in your new home?
    Steven: I was looking for a place that was on the water and with a water view, someplace where you could walk to a few restaurants and bars, easy to get into town. From here, I can take a taxi into town which is nice and enjoy all the restaurants in town, this fits all my requisites.


  • How was your real state experience?
    Steven: I really believe that both Marvin and Elizabeth have a wonderful agency, they are the right type of agents to show you Las Terrenas, you could tell when they show you a property that they really enjoy being here. They really made my wife and I feel very much at home which is part of the experience, especially when you go into a different country you’ve never been to, the language is a little bit different and I think that’s important to feel safe with the real estate agent and secure, and they both made me and my family feel very good.


  • How do you feel about your new home?
    Steven: I’m in love with it, I mean I can’t wait, I’m leaving in a few days, I can’t wait to come back, I’ve met more people, in particular, so I feel very very comfortable, I just can’t wait to come back.


  • How is your time in the community?
    Steven: Every time you get to know more people and you feel more comfortable knowing the locals which I think it’s important and all the locals have been great, they are friendly warm people, unfortunately with Covid-19, there is a mask and curfew going on at this time, but I just can’t wait until there is no more mask and curfew, so hopefully next year.


  • Does it all meet your expectations?
    Steven: Yes, it is meeting my expectations, I think you want to find a project that when you leave you feel good about the people taking care of your property. I think property management is important for somebody from the United State or any country coming to buy a property in a foreign country, and I think that once you do that, I think that you will be happy.


  • What has been your best experience?
    Steven: Well, there is many of them, from the walks on the beach to see I think it was Rincon beach, we had a little trip in Santo Domingo, just the restaurant and the experiences with Marvin and Elizabeth, kind of the fun and the laughter and the whole thing and really just the people, it’s all about the people.


  • Any issues during the buying process?
    Steven: No, from the time that I put down the offer to Elizabeth especially helping me to understand and walking me through the offer, and kind of going the extra mile, and realizing that I don’t speak the language I think that’s really important, the real estate attorney has been very good.


  • Any advice for our viewers?
    Steven: What I would say is, come to Las Terrenas, come to the Dominican Republic, see for yourself and don’t rely on the news because I don’t think the news and the media give the Dominican the right chance, I mean once you get to the country and you see what it is, it’s just fantastic, and for me, that’s what’s important. Come and see the country and experience the people and then make your own decision, and I think you will be a neighbor because I think you will find what I found.

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