All the things you can do in Las Terranas

All the things you can do in Las Terranas by RealeStateLasterRenas
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This little beach town is a treasure of nature on the North coast of the Island, with plenty of sports and activities for everyone to enjoy. We have put together for you a list of the best activities and tours you con do in and around Las Terrenas.

The land activities you can do in Las Terrenas are zip-lining, going to see “El Limón” waterfall, horseback riding on the our sandy beaches, renting an ATV, chilling on one of our many beaches, and of course enjoying the nightlife.

For the people interested in the marine activities you can do in Las Terrenas there is plenty to choose from. Learn or practice kitesurfing, surfing, diving and snorkeling, sailing, rent a kayak, or even a boat to discover the coast of the island and its hidden beach, or go fishing for the day.

Among other things you can do while here, organized tours and excursions are also available from the local travel agencies. Tours such as going whale watching in the Bay of Samana, visiting the national park of Los Haitises or doing the coffee trail with a buggy or ATV to discover the local cultural for yourself.




Who said you can’t fly? The feeling and adrenaline you will experience while zip-lining is like no other! At 30 minutes by car from Las Terrenas, there are a total of 12 cables from one mountain to another with splendid views of the valley. Your safety is assured by 2 harnesses and 2 cables. The braking system is automatic, so nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the incredible views! This adventure is suitable for the entire family from small to big. Enjoy the thrills at a beautiful zip line!




“El Salto del Limón” or the waterfall of “El Limón” is definitely a must in the the excursions to do during your stay in Las Terrenas. It is a waterfall of approximately 130 feet (40 meters) high that flows into a small pool of natural waters where it is good to bathe. Beware, the water is really refreshing! To get to the waterfall you can choose between either hoping on a horse with a local guide or walking with your own feet. The trek is less than 30 minutes by foot, half that time by horse, and from there take steps down to finally get to the bottom of the waterfall. You will be in awe!

If you dare, the jump is beautiful because of its impressive height and green moss that covers the walls of the rock and the water that flows forming a translucent veil. Once in the water, you can feel the strong winds created by the pressure of the falling water. Nature is impressive, and El Limón waterfall will remind you of that.





Horseback riding on a wild beach with picturesque scenery and lush vegetation. Sounds freeing right?

Whether you are a beginner or have been riding for a while, there are several tours that adapt its excursions to any level. Truly a unique experience here in Las Terrenas! Discover the hidden trails seaside from 30 minutes to the whole day, there are plenty of magnificent excursions available for all ages. Experience the beach in a unique way not by foot.





Tour the town or the trails Las Terrenas has to offer in an ATV! What a more adventurous and exciting way to do so? Many tour agencies in Las Terrenas offer half day ATV excursions solo or with friends, and a guide if you prefer. Discover the rural life of a Dominican farmer, or drive through the scenic landscapes from the mountains to the beach. It is a great activity to do with family and friends, or rent one independently and explore the town at your leisure!




The beaches in Las Terrenas are one of the main reasons many come here. You can spend hours and hours on one of the beautiful beaches soaking up the sun or taking long walks from one beach to the next. Wether you want to relax in the sun or like adventure and outdoor activities, there is a beach here for you!

Each beach has its own beauty and charm, which make it unique. For kite-surf lovers, check out Playa El Portillo. Or if you want to swim in clear tranquil waters, Playa Bonita would be the one for you! Or, if you are an all around beach lover and want to experience a different beach everyday, then discover our selection of top beaches in and around Las Terrenas.





In Las Terrenas, the must go to place for dining and nightlife is the Fisherman ́s Village, also know by the locals as “El Pueblo de los Pescadores”. This spot used to be a cluster of small huts where the local fishermen came in with the catch of the day. Later, it turned into small restaurants and bars, now the heart of Las Terrenas’ dining and nightlife. At the village, you can enjoy an amazing meal right in front of the sea and later step into the bar next door for drinks and late night dancing. Las Terrenas has over 70 restaurants in town, many from world-renowned chefs that have chosen to retire in Las Terrenas and set up shop there. Among the place where you can go and party after eating out, we recommend the Mosquito Art Bar, Gaia Night Club, The Mambo Bar at Afreeka’s Beach Hostel on Punta Poppy and Babylon Disco.





GYM: A new gymnasium opened its doors not long ago in Las Terrenas, with all the correct amenities you would find in a city gym. If you are looking to train and keep active while you are here, Gimnasio Forma y Nutricion is where you want to go. It is in central Las Terrenas, and is open weekdays until 9pm and Saturdays until 2pm.

FOOTBALL (SOCCER): Football is played all year round here in the Dominican Republic. PoliDeportivo in Las Terrenas is where you can go to play a few games. It is in town, close in distance to Gimnasio Forma y Nutricion, and is open Monday to Friday until 10pm.

BASEBALL: A local favorite no doubt! Baseball can be seen played all over town, and tourists are able to attend the local games at the Las Terrenas Playgrounds. You never know, you may be watching the next baseball superstar!

TENNIS: Until about 6 months ago local tennis was represented by a few courts outside town (Loma Esperanza). However, 2 brand new courts have recently been placed in the Pescadore´s village, where anyone can play. Due to the new lighting installed there, games can also be played at night!


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If you are a family looking to move to Las Terrenas, or simply come on vacation here and are curious of the type of water activities there are to do, here are some tips from a local kite surfer who has been living in Las Terrenas for 17 years.

First of all, you need to now that Las Terrenas is know as a Caribbean Paradise. Which means that it will provide you an ambiant climate because of the cool winds coming from the Atlantic ocean, which are also perfect to practice kitesurf, like I have been doing since I was 8 years old. There a plenty of other sports beyond kitesurf that can be discovered or practiced in our little beach town, such as Snorkeling, Sailing, Surfing and Paddling.


Even if it might look unbelievable at first sight, kitesurfing can be learned quite fast and easily. A few tough steps at first, will be rewarded instantly the second you glide over the water. Sun and salty water on your skin, the wind blowing into your face and beautiful landscapes around you – you’ll be hooked within the first minute guaranteed! Las Terrenas has amazing winds, and is one of the best places to learn kitesurf. Big beaches and open areas here for you to practice. So why not start here?

Kitesurfing is one of the most popular aquatic activities in the peninsula of Samana, thanks to the perfect wind conditions. Las Terrenas is one of the lucky spots to have an average of 300 days of wind per year. The season starts in December and ends in September. That does not mean that outside of this season you won't have any wind. Summer has excellent conditions to practice, with strong winds that can go up to 30 knots throughout the day. The constant winds give us the chance to have one of the best spots of the Island, ideal to learn or practice kitesurf.

One of the most used tools by kitesurfers for forecasting is Windguru. Just add the name of the spot on which you want to know the weather conditions, and you will find a table. Note that the kite still used today was created here, in Las Terrenas by the French Bruno Legaignoux. Also, the second best kitesurfer in the world grew up and lives in Las Terrenas, Lorenzo Calcaño.

The best beaches to begin kitesurfing are "El Portillo" or "Punta Popy". There two are beautiful beaches were you or your kids can learn in the safety of on a unagitated water. Calm water means progressing faster and better. On these beaches you will find several schools teaching their students. LTKite, Kiteworld, and several locals recruiting the curious wandering on the beaches. They often offer courses at better prices than the established schools.

On average, students learn the bases of kitesurfing in 2 to 3 days for a cost of US$295 for 6 hours of training in total, 2 hours per day. Locals will give you lessons for half that price according to your negotiation skills...

There are other places on the North coast of the Dominican Republic like Cabarete and Puerto Plata where kitesurf is practiced like religion, everyday...





Samana is an excellent place to surf without many crowds of people and in a pleasant environment. It offers warm waters and surfing all year round. It has great surf areas for all levels, beginners to experts. The high season of Surf is between September and April with larger waves, while the smaller waves are frequent between May and August. It is the perfect place for surfers of any level looking to catch a wave in this beautiful paradise.

Surfing is one of the oldest aquatic sports, but one of the most famous sport too. If your are a surf lover, you will love playa Bonita for its beautiful waves and white sands. If you are a beginner, there are lot of schools who can help you to get to the next level. Playa Bonita is good for beginners because the waves there are a good spot to learn surfing. If you prefer to have private lessons as opposed to groups, it will cost you $50 for 2 hours with all the materials you will need in order to learn how to surf.

Las Terrenas has beaches and reef´s that point north and east. Both of these receive the prevailing north, north east and east swells, that roll in from November through to late April, thus creating perfect conditions for surfing. A few well known surf spots are: “Coson” (north swell), “El Conde” (north east swell), “Dos Ríos” (north and north east) and the epic “Fred is Dead” (East). Just like Kitesurfing, Las Terrenas has also produced some excellent surfers who have represented the country in International events!





Snorkeling and scuba diving, where the tranquility of the waters and nature come alive! It is a favorite pastime here. The beachfront of Las Terrenas runs about one and half miles along the coastal center of town. From here, snorkelers have access to crystalline, calm waters that are great for snorkeling. Indeed, just 330 feet from the beach is a healthy coral reef system. You can also discover the famous cenotes of Cueva Dudu, take a boat to Las Ballenas or go snorkeling in Playa El Portillo. There is lots to see under the water here!

The dive centers offer full excursions to see it from your own eyes. The fauna is constituted by a lot of fish, the majority are Barracudas and little fishes, and you may even find turtles! It only takes about two days if you want to learn the basics, but for a more complete experience you will need 4-5 days, where this will allow you to go down 18 meters for $375.

The Turtle Dive Center in El Paseo in Las Terrenas offers lessons in diving and snorkeling. There are 12 dive sites within 20 minutes by boat. On a typical dive you may see Sea fans, large Lion fish, fish soldiers, Gireles and an occasional Barracuda or Moray Eel. If you enjoy adventure under the sea, this will definitely be an experience for you!





Go out on a boat for the day, and discover the North coast of the Dominican Republic. Several tours are available for all tastes and budgets with the local agencies here in Las Terrenas. The tour of the beaches, Los Haitises National Park and Whale watching are some. If you are looking for a more private experience, our catamaran "The Pelicano" is available for rent. Danilo, our Capitan has 16 years of experience navigating the Caribbean waters, he will be happy to take you to the most beautiful hidden spots of the coast!





Stand up paddle boards(SUP) are the latest trend in town.  The tranquil turquoise waters off Ballenas and Bonita beach, create an amazing setup for paddle boards. It is not an intense sport, thus many people of all ages have chosen this activity as a favorite. Calm water, soft winds and sunny weather, make perfect conditions for practicing kayak or paddle boarding, and Las Terrenas offers all this in many of its beaches.

If Yoga is your thing, try Stand up paddle yoga! An activity mixing Yoga and paddle boarding, a fantastic way to keep active while enjoying the views of the beach. Yoga is a discipline recognized for multiple physical and mental benefits; quality of breathing, reduction of stress, concentration, flexibility, and muscle building. That mixed with the benefits of the sea, provide many health benefits. So why not try it out for yourself?

El Balconcito, a little bar between Las Terrenas and Portillo is another great spot were you can rent paddles for 250 pesos for a half hour and grab a cocktail afterwards. Not a bad way to end your day!





The Las Terrenas Sailing club is located in Playa Las Ballenas, and is a great activity for both adults and children to participate in! It was created by a small group of sailors, and is structured as a non profit organization. The club focuses on encouraging children to learn the sport of sailing and water safety through sailing camps. They offer private sailing lessons for children and adults, as well as boat rental services. The beautiful clear waters there offer so much to see while sailing the ocean and taking in the view. 






If fishing is your thing, it is definitely another great water sport to take part in here in Las Terrenas! Palmera Fishing, offers both half and full day deep sea fishing trips with drinks and snacks included. On your outing you may catch Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, Barracuda and Mackerel! Come explore the waters of Las Terrenas and see for yourself!






Los Haitises National Park is a dense coastal wet forest in the southern part of the Samaná bay. It is an large reserve full of caves, Taino pictographs and hundreds of bird species, many of them endemic. The characteristics that distinguish this mystic place from the other parks of the island, are its hills and hillocks (in Spanish called "Lomitas"), which reach up to 40 meters in height, and cover the entire surface of the park. This phenomenon occurs because of the karstic geography of the region, and the trade winds that when hitting the mogotes, rise and produce rain almost every day of the year. You can go there by car or by boat, and is a great excursion enjoyed by many when coming here!





Watching the humpback whales is a one in a lifetime experience! The whales come each year in the bay of Samana for the winter (January to end of March). There are several thousands coming to the warm and calm waters of the Caribbean, in order to mate or give birth. It is considered one of the best places in the world to observe them. If you are renting a villa, we offer a package to rent a catamaran in Las Terrenas, which is perfect to witness this spectacular natural event and spend the day at sea with friends and family.




“La Ruta del Café” is a dirt road running in the inlands of the Samaná province. Done in ATV or buggy, it takes you through beautiful scenery with coffee plantations and small, local homes. It’s both a fun off road driving experience, and a great way to see the landscape. Pull over somewhere along the route, turn off the engine and simply enjoy the view...

During the tour you will visit a classic mountain home and see how they live daily. Watch as the jungles open up to beaches of the Samana Peninsula. You will cross villages where the friendly locals will offer you a drink just because its the Dominican way. Walk through a field of coffee accompanied by a local at the community of El Limón, and see the process of the harvesting of the coffee, and enjoy a local meal. This is truly a Dominican cultural experience you will never forget!




That’s it for our list of things to do in Las Terrenas. We didn’t include the day trips you can take to explore this beautiful island such as going to a secluded beach in Las Galleras, Going Rafting in Jarabacoa, going partying on the beach in Cabarete, going to spend the day in la “Zano Colonial” in Santo Domingo. But we hope that you’ll find what you are looking for here in Las Terrenas. And if you want to hang out and share a drink, don’t hesitate we are always happy to practice that sport!

If you want to receive more information about one or more of these activities you can always let us know in the small form below and we’ll connect you to the right people :)

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